Friday, February 29, 2008

Martha needs a new pet

What do you think?

With Etsy founder Rob on Martha Stewart today, I can't help but notice the surprising LACK OF BATCAT! I mean, how can you even have a segment about Etsy without ME?? I am sure that someone is going to get fired over this.

Lets hope that this mainstream press will allow me to stop explaining Etsy to each and every person I mention it to. "Its like eBay, but not really..." is how I usually how it comes out, and thats lame and untrue.

I have all my eggs in the basket of another 27 year old who isn't me.(Rob of Etsy is 27) OMG Yikes. I think my plans to open a personal web shop is going to happen in the next little while. I heart you Etsy, but now ten billion Martha watchers are going to open up shops and crowd my cute crap. I think Martha would approve of my business expansion.

Sigh, who knew making adorable goodies was so cutthroat. *runs off to sell stuff*

Monday, February 25, 2008


Oh no! I think its alive! I think its coming this way. I think its wearing a band t-shirt?!

Introducing, a zombie who lives with me, and periodically rises from the grave to give you...

The Horrors - Strange House

For my first review, how about my favourite album of the past year? This album sounds like pointy boots, smudged eyeliner, sweat, and dark clubs. The Horrors came roaring out of London last year with a distinctly retro sound, filtering '60's rock through blasts of punk dissonance. "Jack the Ripper", a lurching Screamin' Lord Sutch cover, is an impressive opener, and first single "Count In Fives" is led by a driving organ (!) line. The unhinged, crashing "Sheena Is A Parasite" marks the album's high point. Singer Faris Badwan's howling baritone is worth the price of admission alone. "Strange House" is more than a little bit campy, but it's also a bloody good ride.
-N. Zombie

N. Zombie will be reviewing only zombie approved awesome albums weekly, to brighten your dreary existence. Or the opposite. Or whatever. :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Colourful Cat Bodies

I made two new sets of bookmarks!

Black and White Cat Bookmarks

Black an white set with fat braids of soft yarn. The black one really gets me. He is so cute and naughty.
Gray and Orange Cat Bookmarks

And a gray and orange pair of stripey brothers. Their tales are wool yarn. I love stripey cats the best, don't really know why. Maybe its because they seem more wild (in spirit and in design) less of a pet and more of a little weird animal who agrees not to eat you as long as you feed it.


Coming soon.....

My co-author of this blog makes an appearance. How exciting!! I hear him shuffling this way...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sara and Schipperke

Here is my messy desk, working on a painting....

Progress shop of Sara and Schipperke

And here is the final!

Sara and Schipperke

Acrylic and ink on illustration board. I don't know if its finished or not. I might add a background digitally. Schipperkes (skipper-key) are the best dogs that look like little flying foxes to me. I just love their super black fuzzy fur and they way their legs kick out when they run. I will sit through a dog show on TV to see one.

Sara and Schipperke detail1

Admittedly, sometimes when I finish a print, I look at it and think "Who would buy this?" I mean, except someone with my exact interests. Haha. People SHOULD have the same interests as me!!

I think this might be my first dog ever? Can I still be a cat lady?

I added a nice striped background and listed it in my shop...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brain Vacation

I didn't go anywhere, but my brain did.

I just haven't been in the mood to make things, and when that happens, you just gotta go with it. Forcing yourself to "be creative" or whatever you call it, makes you hate making things. And thats no fun. It always passes.

Then I finally managed to make these dudes...
Pile O'Batcat Bookmarks!
Batcat bookmarks! (Yes, more Batcat Bookmarks...)

I wish you could buy your own stuff and somehow make a living that way. I love this little design, and would pay money for it. Too bad I have to ask other people to pay money for it...

Bookmark with Tail
His tail is a soft and nubbly acrylic yarn, which was hard to photograph. I love it to bits. maybe I should learn to knit so I can buy yarn more often.

So aside from organizing supplies, making zucchini muffins and cursing my dashboard widget for showing me only cold temperatures, I have been completely useless the past week or so. Is there any way I can write those off as "personal days" or something. Normal people get them, I should too.

Wait, does looking at Flickr count as shop promotion? Scratch this entry, I am a workaholic.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Alley walk

Alley walk
Originally uploaded by blacklilypie
I thought it was only fair to post this pic of me after complaining that people never post anything on regular days a few blog entries down. My guy and I were walking to the drugstore though an alley full of slush, its just not a black velvet and lace kinda day. We also got coffee from a drive-thru Tim Hortons. Just keeping it real.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Yeah, I wasn't kidding. I am going to go memo board crazy...

I am trying to get more involved with my Flickr account. If you want to add me go ahead! I also started an Etsy Goth group, in hopes that I can round up some of the sellers who make goth-ish items to chat and shop and get to know each other. Join, join, join!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh, thats what it is...

The post below has a little sketch, which turned into THIS!

It a dry erase memo board!

Now that I made a few of these I am all feeling all Gollum-like, wanting to hoard this idea all for myself. Its my wonderful idea and no one else shall ever make another memo board. (Haha, if I put that in writing it will come true right?) I am selfish like that. I feel like this one worked so well, I am going to make more and more!